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Hello and welcome. I'm Andrya Allen, and I'm genuinely glad you're here. ✨

Please consider this space a digital extension of my home, where I share my journey, passions, and stories. As a leader in AI, a poet with a memoir-in-verse that's touched many, and a speaker who bridges technology and humanity, you'll find this space to be a blend of innovation and introspection. Explore, get to know me, and perhaps we'll find common threads that connect us.

Andrya Allen


Meet Andrya Allen—a standout leader among women in AI, a speaker with poetic presence, and a dynamic force in AI transformation. Her story blends the timeless wisdom of nature, the inventive spark of human creativity, and an enduring drive to explore and innovate.

Keynote Speaker & AI Ethics Advocate

Andrya Allen Leader In Ai Ethics

Experience transformative speaking events with Andrya Allen, a voice that resonates with a commitment to technology, humanity, and ethics.

Allen offers a balanced perspective that bridges the gap between technology and ethics. Trusted by the National Communication Association and featured in the New York Times, Andrya's expertise offers an interdisciplinary look at AI, marketing, and mental wellness. She delves into how AI impacts our daily lives and offers actionable strategies to promote technologies that serve humanity ethically and beneficially.

Based on event feedback, what truly sets Andrya apart is her human touch.

Behind an impressive list of credentials is a warm and engaging speaker with a clear gift of connecting with audiences personally. Her talks are not just about AI and ethics; they're about us, our future, and our choices.


Order her debut poetry collection, a lyrical memoir-in-verse

In a remarkable transformation journey, Andrya Allen invites readers to a vivid emotional world. Driven by introspection, an exploration of God's love, the spirit's intuitive knowing and the shadows of poverty and child abuse, LIGHTWORK ranks in the top of memoir poetry and inspiration on Amazon's best-seller list. In the collection, you'll find public advocacy works on addiction and healing from PTSD, intimate peeks into daily moments, and immersive imagery that keeps you reading more.

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