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About the Human Andrya Allen

I care most about happy, healthy people. I believe in the power of connection, empathy, and innovation. I've dedicated my life to inspiring change in the fields I love. 

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AI's bright side

My story of joining the AI world is about persistence, luck, the internet's power and a healthy dose of asking for help. If you're reading this, you might want to know that I had no intention of building an AI tool. I was trying to save myself time and turn a process I did for my work into a system. 

Have you heard the saying about preparation meeting opportunity? It was like that.

Let's start with the preparation. First, when I was in communication studies at the University of West Florida, I was studying under one of the top political speech writers of the day. I learned a strategy: interview people and use their language in your speech crafting. When you use the audience's word's in the speech, the audience feels like they know you. I began to use this principle to interview people with demanding, remote roles in order to help recruiting organizations better offer benefits that meet the needs of their people.

At the same time, I learned how to scientifically collect, store and process interview data. I am a writer and have always been in love with the words people choose. Over time, I collected thousands of segments of speech coded into a methodology around my favorite parts of speech: idioms, storytelling, emotional phrases and instances of values.

I worked a few jobs during this period and as the universe would have it, they taught me how to apply my studies to the real world every day. I was a speech ghost writer, a website builder, a Facebook marketer the year businesses launched on Facebook, and I ran ads through Facebook, Google and platforms like The Weather Channel. I learned how to write compelling copy for the marketplace across websites, ads and increasing amounts of media. This increases their emotional connection and aligns your values as one. If successfully done, you can capture customers for life at any stage in their buying journey. Honestly, this was a grueling process back in the day. Content creators today know how challenging making compelling content is, but back then, it was slow and expensive to create compelling, interactive media. I built websites in Dreamweaver and made little vector business people using Java and iFrames. To analyze information and find insights, I used highlighters, walls of post it notes, and an ancient coding system for researchers called SPSS. It sure did teach me organization.

That is what set the stage for building the AI tool. By 2014, I was running a communications agency and I had a crystal clear system from research to campaign building. The problem was it took actual hundreds of hours. It was expensive and time-consuming. I began to identity tiny pieces I could automate and hired developers to build  piece by piece. In 2019, I built enough automated pieces to be able to launch an automated service as a product.

OpenAI's beta opened up to me in 2020.

I was on the waitlist for months, then on a whim of hope I sent a DM to one of the founders asking to let me in, and they did. I hired developers to fine-tune and train the AI on my data and my approach. This took many months of testing and building. Finally, we had a full brand personality report that can take any text input and provide values-based insights using brand archetype and brand positioning data, combined with the best of copywriting and lyricist writing I captured over decades in the industry. Vox Verba is available for agencies, brand consultants, founders and marketing executives. 


Digital Marketing & Business Growth

As the COO of the Nine, a digital marketing agency, I offer digital marketing services for organizations with a minimum of $10 million in revenue to expand their reach, captures leads and sales, and rank first in search engines. We offer custom website development in our priority, secure content management system, Caboose.

The Nine's success stories share the numbers behind real organizations achieving their dreams. 

I help sales and marketing team make authentic, engaging, and high-converting content for digital customer acquisition. I offer speaking events with training and workshops that include activities like the Perpetual Pitch Guide


Founder & CEO of Vox Verba

With Vox Verba, my brand archetype AI tool, I blended creativity, research and technology to build something special for branding professionals. Vox Verba's unique approach helps brands find their voice and connect with audiences. 

After working with thousands of brands, I've learned the true gift of Vox Verba is the clarity and confidence our reports provide executive, marketing, and sales teams. 

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Book an interview with Vox Verba for a comprehensive report and discover your unique personality, key messages and how to speak with clarity to customers. 

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Engaging & Memorable Public Speaking

Public speaking is a lifelong passion. With over 18 years of experience, I've spoken on stages worldwide, engaging audiences on topics like AI, leadership, mental health, and business success. I make sure to tailor each talk to resonate with the people in the room, leaving them inspired. Organizations can book an event with me. 


Educational & Professional Achievements

Education is an important part of my journey. I earned an International Baccalaureate Diploma, Summa cum laude. I pursued higher education at the University of West Florida, with degrees in Business/Corporate Communications and a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Leadership.  Throughout my career, I've been honored with awards like "Best of Show - Interactive Media" and the title of Florida State Champion in speaking and debate as well as named a Rising Star in Pensacola's business community. 


Books, Literary, Fine Arts & Advocacy 

My debut poetry collection, "LIGHTWORK," topped Amazon's best-seller list, with reading on three continents! It's a piece of me, reflecting themes of empowerment and universal connection

I put action behind my world. My opinion piece in the New York Times shares my stance on the American drug crisis. I believe in a compassionate and healing approach to society's major public health issues. I have a creative nonfiction piece forthcoming in the Black Fork Review that readers described as beautiful and haunting, and I am querying a nonfiction memoir.