Lightwork: Words from an Activator

by Andrya Allen

This collection is a transformative journey with the raw, bold memoir-in-verse poetic style of author Andrya Allen. Her debut collection topped Amazon’s 100 best seller list for poetry and inspirational collections.

Author Andrya Allen plays with poetic moving imagery, themes of empowerment, universal connection, and the hidden light around us that inspires awe. It’s part youthful remembrance mixed with the mystery of a dark childhood.

Amazon’s editors call it “compelling and thoughtful.”

Reader reviews:

“This was truly a beautiful collection of poems. I read the entire book in one sitting, and was struck with every emotion from one poem to the next. One moment my eyes were swelling up with tears, and the next I was tingling with strength and pride! I felt like I understood myself better after I finished reading. The poems are raw and heartfelt and I couldn’t recommend this book enough!”


”It was quite an emotional trip that pulled out some things I’d been hiding from myself.”


“Beautifully well written and genuine. Her words come from a very real place. It’s a wonderful feeling when you connect so deeply with words on a page.”


“I’ve come back to this book three times in just a month and every time I find something new. “


“This made me feel connected to my younger self and I let barriers come down.”


“This book is everything. 27 pages in and I’ve cried twice.”

Every order receives a signed illustrated print.

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