News: Survivors Art Summit with Office for Victims of Crime, University of Connecticut

News: Survivors Art Summit with Office for Victims of Crime, University of Connecticut

Profound Journey of Search and Healing at the Survivors Art Summit

In a powerful exploration of survival, identity, and the relentless pursuit of connection, acclaimed author and speaker Andrya Allen is set to deliver a moving performance at the Survivors Art Summit. This impactful event, hosted by the University of Connecticut-Stamford Campus in collaboration with Color Me Marigolds and the Office for Victims of Crime, takes place on April 15, 2024, and features Allen's deeply personal narrative transformed into art as well as 31 works across mediums including visual and performance art.

"Andrya. The word floats across the room, easy and familiar. But I’m not really here. I’m on Backpage looking at a portrait... I scroll into the night and search for a face that's both part of me and lost to another world. It’s been 12 years since I’ve seen Janelle. My sister is gone, and I am praying my phone will call her forth for one last portrait..." These words, drawn directly from Allen's performance piece, encapsulate a moment of profound longing and the complexities of navigating the landscape of loss and hope.

Allen's upcoming performance, inspired by her own experiences and the stories of many who have walked similar paths, aims to shed light on the silent battles fought in the search for those lost to violence, exploitation, and the shadows of the world. Through her art, Allen seeks to honor survivors' resilience while challenging our perceptions of victimhood and survival to encourage a more profound understanding.

"In the performance art, I found a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit," Allen shares. "It is a tribute to the journey of healing, to the indomitable hope that guides us during dark experiences and compels us to live through them."

Andrya Allen's voice, celebrated in publications like The New York Times and the forthcoming issue of the Black Fork Review, resonates with authenticity and courage. Her participation in the Summit is a highlight, promising an evening of connection, reflection, and transformative storytelling.


Event Details:

Survivors Art Summit

University of Connecticut-Stamford Campus

April 15, 2024

5:00 PM - 7:30 PM Eastern Time