Note: Open Letter to Sam Altman and Greg Brockman

Note: Open Letter to Sam Altman and Greg Brockman


Dear Sam and Greg,

I am writing to first say thank you, and to share how much you impact my story.

I am filled with deep gratitude for the roles you have both played in my journey with Vox Verba, and more broadly, within the transformative tides of artificial intelligence.

In 2020, as one among the 100,000 on the OpenAI waitlist, I was a voice with a vision—hoping to be heard. My mission for Vox Verba was clear, and I firmly believed that OpenAI's technology was the key to unlocking an ethical and positive approach to AI in brand development.

I reached out with hope and determination, and you both responded with the kind of support that changes courses—granting me access to the very tools that would become the cornerstone of my work. Nearly four years have passed since that moment, and throughout, I've observed OpenAI's evolution with both admiration and introspection. The partnership with Microsoft, a significant strategic pivot, brought necessary resources and development that have undeniably enriched the tools we use today.

Sam, your unwavering belief that AI can indeed be a force for good—a belief I share—is something I have always admired. The understanding that we must shape AI with intention with dedication, day after day, is a conviction that has guided my own approach to technology.

As you both transition to new chapters, I want to offer more than thanks. I want to affirm my support for your continued impact and leadership in AI. You have my full attention, and you've got me in your crew, watching and ready to engage with the future you will help shape.

Through OpenAI's platform, Vox Verba has thrived, serving clients from Fortune 100 companies to Grammy award-winning artists, and even the cherished Mom and Pop shops that form the backbone of our communities. This reach, this impact, has been possible because of your commitment to empowering us all with OpenAI's technology.

As this chapter closes and new ones await, I extend my best wishes to you both. I am confident that your future endeavors will continue to inspire and lead in the AI space, and I eagerly anticipate the positive change you will drive. Thank you, Sam and Greg, for your vision, your courage, and for championing a future where AI is a powerful ally for humanity's progress.

With deepest appreciation and anticipation,

Andrya Allen