Note: AI for Artistic Explorations - The Self Portrait

Note: AI for Artistic Explorations - The Self Portrait

Explore Agency and Transformation with AI Self Portrait Techniques

I am most excited about how AI can transform my creative processes to enable art that wasn't possible for me before. This week I explore AI in self portrait techniques. I spend free time exploring how to use new emerging tools to examine new possibilities. I turned to with a model trained on 14 images of me to create these images. 

I was sitting on the couch with my husband and my little Cavapoo was cuddled up to me. I was holding a cup of coffee when Eric turned to me and said, "You look like that American Gothic painting." So the journey started. I ran with it straight to where I had already fine-tuned a model on my image. Out of several options, this image struck me because I saw my Grandma Fisher in it. She lived to be over 100 years old. I remember her as a devout, solitary Catholic with long, shining hair. This image captures that for me and gave me a bit of magical ancestral connection. 

Ai Self Portrait Andrya Allen

Main Character Energy: You As The Female Figure

Something about this felt empowering. One, to see myself as art is transformative, in the style of a great work especially so. It does feel archetypal and deeply resonate. I thought it might feel good to try this for different styles of work. 


AI Tools for Artists

Personally, I rely on OpenAI's ChatGPT. I trust it because I built my company Vox Verba with OpenAI in 2020. This gives me a deep understanding and layered experience with ChatGPT. I apply this experience to my interactions with all AI tools. In this case, ChatGPT was not the most important or even necessary tool. For a comparison, here is what ChatGPT's DallE created with the same prompt. The key difference here is Dalle is not trained on my exact likeness, like the tool available through 

While I'm on the point, I want to thank Jenna Soard's AI learning community for teaching me about Astria and how to use it. 

DallĀ·E 2023 11 26 09.09.37   A Painting Inspired By The Regionalism Movement, Depicting A Strikingly Beautiful, Full Figured Woman With Long Wavy Golden Blonde Hair And Glasses, R

Part 2 Coming Up

-How art education, art history inform the process
-Finding your artistic voice with AI
-What to do next to bring your art to life